Animal (Documentary)


Animal is a docuseries that offers a glimpse into the lives of various kinds of animals from angles that you might have never seen before. Revealing some surprising secrets behind the lives of these animals, the series takes viewers deep into their habitats to observe how they live and survive in the wild. With its premier season warmly welcomed by viewers in 2021, a second season was released in 2022.

In the first season, Animal presents the amazing lives of four different species in rare moments. The show takes viewers from cuteness to fierceness as it explores the mysterious lives of Big Cats, Dogs, Marsupials, and Octopuses. Viewers learn how tigers live in their streaks, how brave and determined foxes are when faced with larger adversaries that outweigh them, how big fights between kangaroos go down, and how giant Pacific octopuses adapt and survive in the ever-changing ocean.

Season 2 takes viewers on a new adventure and the chance to experience the fascinating lives of Apes, Birds of Prey, Bears, and Dolphins. In this season, viewers get to see the complex hierarchical structure of the ape family, the incredibly sharp eyesight of the killers from the sky, the hunting game that dolphins play with their prey, and the combination of brain and brawn that polar bears use to stay on top of the food chain in the harshest of environments.

Follow the story of these amazing animals in both seasons of the series. Only on Netflix. 

Release Year: 2021  

Length: 4-episode/season (Approx. 44-50 minutes each.) 

Narrator:  Bryan Cranston, Rebel Wilson, Rashida Jones, and Pedro Pascal

Genres:  Docuseries, Science & Nature Docs, Nature & Ecology Documentaries, Family Watch Together TV, Science & Nature TV, US TV Shows

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