Hurts Like Hell

Hurts Like Hell

Hurts Like Hell is a limited series inspired by a true story. It takes viewers behind the scenes in the Thai boxing industry by telling its story through the eyes of real-life insiders along with fictional characters to give an extra dimension and greater believability to the series.

An interesting point of Hurts Like Hell lies in its format as the director Kittichai Wanprasert and his producer buddy Pattana Junjareonsuk from Wanneewandee Studio are experts in documentary making. As Thai productions rarely use documentary-style techniques, this series offers a fresh take for many viewers.

The crew researched the subject for almost a year and interviewed over 40 boxing insiders, including boxers, referees, experts, promoters, mentors, trainers, reviewers, gym owners, and stadium doctors. Ultimately, they produced a 4-episode limited series filled with drama and insights into the boxing business in Thailand.

Hurts Like Hell consists of a great cast that includes Thaneth “Ake” Warakulnukroh (as a senior boxing bettor), Vithaya “Pu” Pansringarm (as a referee in the ring), Nopachai “Peter” Jayanama (as a boxing trainer), and Supakorn “Tok” Kitsuwon (as the father of a child boxer). The series also features rising stars like Nat Kitcharit (as a junior boxing bettor) and Phuripat “Phu” Poonsuk, a real-life child boxer with acting experience who gives a great performance as a young athlete.

Get close-up and personal to the behind-the-scenes of the Muay Thai industry through this 4-episode series only on Netflix

Release Year: 2022   

Length: 4 episodes (approx. 50-minute each) 

Cast: Nat Kitcharit, Vithaya Pansringarm, Nopachai Jayanama, Thaneth Warakulnukroh, Phuripat Poonsuk

Genres: Thai, Social Issue TV Dramas, TV Thrillers, TV Dramas

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