Rangsit Boxing Stadium

Hurts Like Hell
“Rangsit Boxing Stadium” - A Full Light-And-Sound Stadium

A boxing stadium is not just a venue for fights. It is also a stage on which the stories of those who frequent the place are told, from the boxers and referees, to fans, experts, gym staff, and more. In Hurts Like Hell, a limited series by Netflix, viewers get to see inside the Rangsit Boxing Stadium or the Rangsit International Boxing Stadium, which has a long and interesting history.

Rangsit International Boxing Stadium

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The history of the Rangsit Boxing Stadium and the idea of being a one-of-a-kind stadium

In 1962, the then-governor of Pathum Thani wanted to promote Muay Thai. He built a stadium and held boxing matches there but received only limited support from the people. Around the same time, Mr. Umnuay Gadebumrung, the owner of several boxing gyms, namely the Singha Muang Suphan, the Sid Siam, and the Luk Rangsit, had rented the stadium to host boxing matches with the idea of bringing together boxers from factories around the province in to attract local interest. This plan was successful and led to an auction for the stadium management, which was won by Mr. Gadebumrung who later developed the stadium and held boxing matches there every weekend.

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However, as the Rangsit Stadium was built on rented land, it had to relocate 5 times. From the original location at Rangsit Market, it moved to the local sack factory in 1966 and stayed there for 3 years. Later, it was forced to move again, this time to the Rangsit Waterworks Authority Office (in front of the current Rattanakosin Market). In 1970, it moved to Rangsit Market (currently the Flower Market), where it stayed until its 10-year rental agreement expired. In 1980, Mr. Gadebumrung decided to purchase 7-rai (11,200 sq.m.) of land next to Phaholyothin Road right opposite the weighing station. This is where the current stadium is located. On 26 December 1985, at 4.15 pm., the Rangsit Stadium was officially opened.

The stadium has earned a reputation for innovation and vision by organizing special fights such as marathon matches that attract crowds of more than 7,000 people. The stadium’s owners create new experiences and add more excitement to boxing matches by adding a full light and sound experience. Since 1966, Rangsit Stadium has always attracted large crowds, wherever it has been located. The stadium is still operating today with live broadcast matches. In addition to promoting the sport, the owners also encourage children to use boxing as an exercise.


323 Phahonyothin Road, Prachathipat Subdistrict, Thanyaburi District, Pathum Thani Tel. 08 2985 1115 or Facebook Page Rangsit Boxing Stadium เวทีมวยนานาชาติรังสิ 

Bus No. 29,34,39, 503 (AC), 510 (AC), and 59 (AC).  

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