Street Food Asia

Street Food Asia - Season 1 Episode 1

Once again, Netflix has created a food docuseries that is sure to delight culinary lovers and foodies. This time, Netflix teamed up with producers from a famous US cooking show, Chef’s Table, to create the Street Food Asia docuseries.

Street Food Asia takes you to experience insights into various notable restaurants from 9 never-sleep-cities around Asia as the original chefs responsible for these fine cuisine creations share their own stories and inspirations. Bangkok made its debut in the first episode of the series as it is known to be one of the top “Food Destinations” that foreigners love to visit for the chance to taste Thai street food at least once in their lives.

In the episode, the series takes you to get to know 3 restaurants with more than a decade of history behind them. The episode is narrated by Chawadee Nualkhair, a famous writer and blogger who wrote “Bangkok’s Top 50 Street Food Stalls.”

Jay Fai (Pratu Phee) 

Thailand’s first street food vendor to receive a 1 Michelin Star award from The Michelin Guide. Since first gaining recognition in 2018, the restaurant has managed to maintain its status as a 1 Michelin Star restaurant for 6 years straight.

Jek Pui (Yaowarat)

A legendary rice-and-curry eatery in Thailand’s Chinatown for more than 70 years. With basic red plastic chairs for customers to sit on, it offers high quality at a friendly price. With people regularly queuing up to eat here and take their place at one of those red plastic seats, eating here has earned the nickname “Musical Chairs Rice-and-Curry”.

Sukhumvit-38 Ba Mee

This street vendor is famous as it was the first homemade ba mee (egg noodles) vendor in Sukhumvit 38. In September 2022, they moved to Seri Market Paradise Park, but that did not stop their loyal customers from following their favorite vendor to the new location. 

To boost your enjoyment of street food in Bangkok, learn all about Thailand’s food culture through stories from 3 legendary vendors now. Only on Netflix

Release Year: 2019  

Length: 30 minutes 

Genres: Social & Cultural Docs, Docuseries, Food & Travel TV, US TV Shows

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