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Street Food Asia
“Bamee Sukhumvit 38” - The Original Homemade Egg Noodle of Sukhumvit

Street Food Asia is a docuseries that is sure to whet your appetite as it recommends popular culinary hotspots in the big cities of Asia. In the first season, it introduces viewers to the original and popular Bangkok restaurant called Bamee Sukhumvit 38.

Sukhumvit 38 is a community in Phra Khanong, in the Klong Toei district of Bangkok. As well as being a bustling location that is home to a diverse group of people, it is also the location of a noodle shop that has been at the heart of this community for many long years.

Uniquely delicious homemade egg noodles

Bamee Sukhumvit 38 was founded by Somchai Jaraswit, who is considered the pioneer of street food in Sukhumvit. His roasted pork shop has been open for over 40 years, since he adapted his best friend’s recipe to create his family’s own unique recipe. Later, Somchai opened a noodle factory and passed on his bamee (egg noodles) shop to his two younger brothers, Apirak and Suthep.

Later, the two brothers asked his big brother Sumet Jaraswit to join the venture as well, and it was Sumet who added roasted pork to the mix. During this period, the shop became so famous among clubbers that a Japanese magazine published an article about his shop, dubbing it Bamee Hear Aun or Bamee Sukhumvit 38.

However, after the gentrification of Sukhumvit 38, the shop relocated to Chaloem Phrakiat Rama 9 Soi 30. Sadly, Sumet’s health problems meant that he was only able to continue operating for a few more years. After the restaurant closed, its loyal customers kept asking for it to make a comeback.  Sumet’s grandchildren wanted to continue his legacy of selling Bangkok’s favorite roasted pork bamee. Eventually, they found a place at Seri Market in Paradise Park and marked the return of this beloved shop under the name “อร่อยดี บะหมี่เกี๊ยว บะหมี่หมูแดงเจ้าเก่า สุขุมวิท 38” (Aroi Dee Bamee Giew: The Original Roasted Pork Bamee Sukhumvit 38).

The restaurant is famed for the amazing and unique taste of its homemade egg noodles, which attracts food lovers from far and wide. In addition to the restaurant’s noodles and mellow soup, the red pork it serves on top of the noodles is famed for being soft with a good smell, while the big wonton is filled with meat, making this a “Don’t miss” item on the menu.

Today, the restaurant is operated by the new generation who still serve the special homemade recipe noodles. Other delicious items on the menu, such as egg noodles with crispy and red pork, rice with red pork, rice with crispy pork, and wonton soup, ensure this restaurant is deserving of its title as the legend of Bamee Sukhumvit 38.



Despite relocating several times, its loyal customers have followed it on its journey. Bamee Sukhumvit 38 is in Seri Market in Paradise Park on Srinakarin Road. It is open daily from 08.00 am-08.00 pm with all items on the menu available at an affordable price; look out for egg noodles with red pork, wonton with red pork or rice with red pork, rice with roasted chicken, and wonton with Sichuan pepper.

Those for whom it is not convenient to visit the restaurant in person can have their orders delivered, at the same price as food sold for eat in at the restaurant, between 50-100 baht for the same portion. Please follow the Facebook page บะหมี่หมูแดง เจ้าเก่าสุขุมวิท 38” for more details.  

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