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Street Food Asia
Explore the Flavors of Korea, Japan, and Myanmar as You Experience Asian Cultural Diversity in Bangkok

Viewers of Street Food Asia will have found themselves immersed in the stories of street food restaurants from various places, such as India, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand.

In addition to learning about the gastronomic culture of different Asian nations, viewers also get to know the unique living culture of these countries. This level of insight gives the documentary a wider appeal that goes beyond just food lovers. And if anyone wants to experience a diversity of Asian cultures without traveling across the continent, Bangkok is home to some of the best Asian neighborhoods for food.

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Korea, Japan, and Myanmar: Hidden neighborhoods in Bangkok
Korean Town

A plaza where Koreans often gather to eat and shop, Korean Town is located at the beginning of Soi Sukhumvit 12, between Asoke and Nana skytrain stations. The first thing you notice when you arrive is the large Korean Town insignia on the front. Then as you look around at the signs and menus written in Korean, the surrounding area creates the same ambiance as you would experience in South Korea. With their distinctive style and decor, the shops and restaurants, especially the Korean restaurants run by Korean owners, look just like the restaurants you would find in South Korea. And no one will think you are in Bangkok if you take photos here and post them on social media.

If you come here, it is recommended that you try the original Korean cuisine with full side dishes. Korean-style Bingsu is also not to be missed. The supermarkets here also import Korean products for their customers, such as instant noodles, desserts, Kimchi, or Soju.

Japanese Town

This area was developed to meet the needs of the many Japanese people living in the Sukhumvit area. Over time, various stores have been opened in this neighborhood specifically to cater to the Japanese. Starting from the beginning of Soi Sukhumvit 33/1, the Japanese ambiance is strongly evident, both from the Japanese signage and the people in the neighborhood. A small community mall on the ground floor sells imported goods from Japan and Thailand tour packages for Japanese people. Upstairs, you will find dessert shops, cafes, and restaurants. Along both sides of the alley are Japanese restaurants, like the original ramen restaurant from Osaka and Japanese-style bakeries. The Japanese theme is completed with shops that ship in their goods from Japan, used Japanese bookstores, and UFM Fuji Super, a supermarket that imports products from Japan, including fresh food, dry food, seasonings, and snacks.

Little Myanmar

The area around the beginning of Soi Sukhumvit 71, about 100 meters from Soi Suk Uthit, the former site of the Phra Khanong Rama Theater, has become a community of Burmese and Shan people where you can fully experience their culture and lifestyle. As you walk around here, you will hear the Burmese language being spoken all around you. If Burmese people in Bangkok want something from their homeland, they come here to buy it, whether it’s consumer products, national costumes, local Myanmar food, desserts, snacks, and betel nut. If you want to try a real Myanmar breakfast or a national dish like Mun Hang Hka amidst the chatter of Burmese people, stop by and experience Little Myanmar for yourself.


All three neighborhoods are easily accessible via the BTS Sukhumvit Line (Light Green Line).

Korean Town:  Get off at Asoke Station or Nana Station, Exit 2. If you take the MRT, get off at Sukhumvit Station.

Japanese Town: Get off at Phrom Phong Station, Exit 5 and walk back to Asoke to reach Soi Sukhumvit 33/1.

Little Myanmar: Get off at Phra Khanong Station, and walk about 500 meters. There are 2 entrances: Soi Suk Uthit and Soi Phetkaew.

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