Cool Activities in Chumphon

The Stranded
Cool Activities in Chumphon - Snorkeling, Squid Fishing on a Boat, Eating Crab from the Sea of Koh Yo

The Stranded (เคว้ง) is Netflix’s first Thai original series. It is a mystery that follows the survival efforts of private school students stranded on an island. Aside from the novelty of the series and its captivating storyline, the series highlights many beautiful locations in Thailand, with Chumphon province one of the main shooting locations. Following the success of the series, many people now want to visit the locations featured in the series.

Chumphon is a province that is known as the gateway to the south because it is a city that travelers must pass through on the way to the famous tourism provinces in the south of Thailand. However, Chumphon itself has equally interesting attractions and activities, especially the Chumphon Sea in the Gulf of Thailand. Tourists can visit Chumphon’s beautiful sea and white sandy beaches all year long even during the monsoon months of May to July. In addition, the sea at Chumphon is also recognized as having the most beautiful sea anemone groves.

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Activities not to be missed when visiting Chumphon

Chumphon’s sea is as beautiful and colorful as you will find anywhere else in Thailand. As such, the first activity that should not be missed when visiting this gateway to the South is snorkeling. The Chumphon Islands (Mu Ko Chumphon) cover an area of over 317 square kilometers and consist of dozens of small and large islands. The area is perfect for diving and the chance to see the mesmerizing beauty of the enchanting underwater world.

The most important and famous snorkeling spot is Ko Ngam Yai, with its rich abundance of underwater life. Various fish species, including moray eels, butterflyfish, batfish, and the beautiful sea anemone groves, can be found there. The highlight of Ko Talu Island is a large pit cave you can swim through. If you are lucky, you may also see blacktip reef sharks when snorkeling here.

Another exciting activity when visiting Chumphon is Night Squid Fishing, and the opportunity to soak up the tranquil atmosphere in the middle of the sea after sunset in a magically exotic way. You can inquire about this activity from the local operators or your accommodation; most of them will already provide this service. 

The process of squid fishing begins by sailing into the middle of the sea, just like any normal fisherman’s trip, but then the boat turns on its large lights to lure squids to “Yotaka,” or fake bait. Some boats offer fresh squid cooking services where you can catch, cook, and eat the squid all on the boat. It is an experience that every sea lover has to try at least once.

For those who like to eat crab and fresh seafood, a visit to Ko Yo is strongly recommended. Here,  you can eat fresh crab and seafood while sitting with your legs dangling in the sea. As you join the locals in an atmosphere you cannot find anywhere else, this activity also helps to distribute income to the locals. 


From Bangkok, you will arrive in Chumphon by plane in just one hour. Snorkeling trips to Ko Ngam Yai and Ko Talu can be taken by speedboat from Chumphon Provincial Administrative Organization Pier, past Pak Nam Chumphon. The journey takes about 20 minutes.

You can catch a boat at Baan Koh Teab beach for a trip to Ko Yo Village. A charter boat for 6 people or more costs around 200 baht per person, or you can buy a tour from a local company. 

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