Krabi Walking Street

Money Heist
Taste Fresh Seafood and Enjoy Local Performances at Krabi Walking Street

Money Heist is a crime drama series of thieves with special expertise. In Season 3, several important scenes were filmed in Thailand, and Krabi was one of the locations used.  

This province is not only famous for its sea and beach destinations but also home to many ethnically diverse urban communities living harmoniously together. Strolling around this charming city is an entertaining experience, especially the walking street.

The street where people can take in and experience local cultures

Krabi Walking Street is operated by the provincial chamber of commerce. The street market has successfully boosted the local economy, selling several types of products, including clothes, utensils, vintage accessories, and all kinds of beverages.

Particularly impressive and popular due to its unique southern recipes, the food zone is where tourists can taste authentic Krabi dishes. Seafood lovers will fall in love with this place as they sample the amazing variety of fresh and tasty seafood platters, including shrimp, crab, seashell, and fish, topped with either cheese and butter like western dishes or the local spicy mouth-watering sauce that delivers the unique taste of the south. 

In addition to shopping, tourists can spend time at the central performance stage, where they are also allowed to sing or perform in the show, creating a delightful atmosphere in the market. This is also where local artists perform southern cultural shows, such as the classical southern performance called Manora, the musical folk theater called Likay Pa, and many traditional songs. This walking street is more than a marketplace; it is a destination in its own right, a place where tourists can experience the local culture first as they immerse themselves in this bustling community.


Krabi Walking Street is located on Maharaj Road Soi 8 near the Vogue shopping center. From Krabi International Airport, you can take the city bus, get off in front of the shopping center, and then walk a bit further to the walking street. The walking street is open from Friday to Sunday between 05.00-10.00 pm.

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