Mu Ko Lanta National Park

Sea of Love
“Mu Ko Lanta” - A Family Destination With Lots of Fun Activities

Sea of Love, Netflix’s first animated series made by Thai creators, presents a series of adorable stories of life under the sea with a focus on the interpersonal relationship skills that are formed between different species of marine creatures. The series also inspires children to go out and experience the wonders of the sea for real.

Thailand has countless world-famous marine sites, including Lanta Islands, a.k.a. “Divers Paradise.” Mu Ko Lanta National Park in the province of Krabi is an archipelago that consists of 25 islands. For anyone who is looking for a place for a family trip filled with fun activities for family members of all ages, this marine park is perfect for you. It has a wide selection of activities, accommodations, and shops. The busiest period is the high season between November-May every year.

Koh Lanta National Park Krabi, Thailand
Enjoy fun activities for the whole family
Snorkeling in Ko Rok

The wide coral reef in Ko Rok is known for its abundance of aquatic life and clear water. Travelers can easily see colorful anemones and cute clownfish, making Ko Rok Nai and Ko Rok Nok highly popular snorkeling spots for tourists.

Fun Dive Trip in Mu Ko Lanta

Mu Ko Lanta is known to be a paradise for scuba divers. The sheer beautiful and diversity of its underwater world offers visitors a chance to see leopard sharks, sea turtles, manta rays, and whale sharks. There are a lot of fun dive options for visitors, all under the expert care of professional divers.

Walk Around Lanta Old Town

Lanta Old Town, or “Sriracha Community,” is an old Chinese community built here more than a century ago. Today, it is a site where tourists can study the life and culture of local people who still live in their old wooden houses and preserve their traditional way of life. The whole area is perfect for exploring on foot or just sitting and enjoying the chill atmosphere.

Kayaking in Ko Talabeng

Ko Talabeng is on the east side of Ko Lanta. Apart from the opportunity to enjoy the scenery around the island from a different perspective, kayaking here gives tourists a chance to enter a cave behind the island to see the stalagmites and stalactites that emerge during low tide. This place also has one of the richest mangrove forests in Southern Thailand, where a bunch of friendly monkeys is always waiting to greet you.


Ko Lanta is connected to the mainland by ferry all year round for those arriving by bus, van, or private car. If visiting by boat, a passenger boat is only available during the high season. Please always check the boat schedule before your trips. Boats are available only at the following piers:

Klong Jilad Pier in Mueang District. Please contact Tel. 0 7562 0052 or 0 7562 0053

Chao Fah Park Pier in Mueang District. Please contact Tel. 0 7563 0470, 0 7563 0471, or 0 7563 0472

Ton Sai Pier on Phi Phi Don island. Please contact Tel. 06 6634 1589

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