Sanctuary of Truth

Money Heist
The Sanctuary of Truth, the World’s Biggest Wooden Castle Where Architecture Meets Buddhist Philosophy

Money Heist is one of the most-watched non-English-Language series. Apart from its thrilling story, viewers can enjoy different exhilarating locations during this masterpiece. In Season 3, for example, an important meeting took place in the exotic setting of The Sanctuary of Truth. 

Featuring in many important scenes of the series, the Thai province of Chonburi is seen from a different angle. The world gets to see that Chonburi is not just a seaside neighbor of Bangkok with world famous beach resort towns like Pattaya and Bang Saen, but it also offers glimpses into the surprisingly unseen side of Thailand.

Wooden museum of Buddhist philosophy

The Sanctuary of Truth is a creation of Lek Viriyaphan, a businessman whose love of Thai architectural styles and Buddhist philosophy inspired the building of this sanctuary. The museum is made entirely of hand-carved wood in the Thai Chaturamuk style with a lion base and 4-tier roofs, topped with a 4-sided stupa – every side of which is carved with relief sculptures of deity figures. Decorated with contemporary art, the museum incorporates various styles ranging from the early Ayutthaya era all the way to the Rattanakosin era.

Highlights of The Sanctuary of Truth can be found in its 5 halls decorated with hand-carved flower sculptures representing different Buddhist philosophies.

Representing family values and gratitude, the Eastern Hall features relief sculptures of the father and mother who give life with mercy and great, pure love. 


Decorated with art telling the story of the world’s creation, the Western Hall represents the 4 elements of Mahabhuta: ‘Fah’ (Universe) represents air and fire, while ‘Din’ represents water and earth, the place where all life begins.

The Southern Hall is decorated with art that represents the stars, the sun, the moon, and sculptures of Gods of the planets that orbit in the sky and influence the environment and everything on earth.


The Northern Hall features various sculptures and beliefs of Taoism-Confucianism, including Bodhisattva, which is the highest goal in Mahayana Buddhism, and the belief that if humans do good, they can be free of karma.

The Central Hall, or Great Busabok, features a 4-sided carved arch that represents the gate to the Universe or the meaning of the Four Noble Truths, the core teaching of Buddhism. The Great Busabok throne symbolizes the emptiness of the Universe or Nirvana.

If you want to absorb the beauty of art created by hands to reflect Buddhist philosophy and the theme of the Sanctuary of Truth, you can visit every day or check out for more details.


From Pattaya, take Sukhumvit Road past North Pattaya to Na Klua. Turn left to Na Klua, and turn right at Soi 12 before going straight almost to the end of the road until you find the huge gate on your right. The Sanctuary of Truth is open every day from 08.00 am-06.00 pm.

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