Similan Islands National Park 

Sea of Love
“Similan Islands” - Thailand’s Paradise Islands for Divers from Around the World

Sea of Love is an animated series for preschoolers. It’s the first release from a team of three Thai creators who wanted to develop an animation that teaches their own children how to live harmoniously in a diverse society. The story, presented in 2D animation format, is about four best friends who happen to be different aquatic species living under the Thai sea. This series showcases the breathtaking beauty and richness of Thailand’s underwater world through the engaging stories.

The Similan Islands is recognized as a marine attraction in Thailand. Part of the Similan Islands National Park in Phang Nga Province, this archipelago has it all. With tropical islands, palm-fringed white-sand beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and a wide array of exotic marine creatures, this tropical paradise is known among divers as a must-visit site.

Diver's paradise

The Similan Islands is an archipelago of 9 islands, which are Ko Huyong, Ko Payang, Ko Payan, Ko Miang, Ko Ha. Ko Payu, Ko Hin Pousar, Ko Similan, and Ko Ba-Ngu. Each island has its own outstanding qualities. Here are some highlights;

Ko Payan, or “Island 3” is a beachless island but its waters are teeming with fish, corals, and gorgonians in their best natural form, making it highly popular among divers. There is also an enormous underwater rock formation known as “The Great Wall of China” by visitors.


Ko Miang, or “Island 4” has crystal-clear waters and a pristine white beach, thanks to the work of the park rangers who work hard to keep this island as clean as possible with a morning clean-up every day. Besides taking in the natural beauty of this island, visitors can enjoy observing rare animals like chicken crabs and Nicobar pigeons. Most boats stop here for snorkeling and the chance to experience the charm of the amazing underwater world. Overnight camping is also permitted.

Eel Garden, or “Island 5” has an interesting diving site called “Eel Garden”, which is home to hundreds of white eels.

Ko Similan, or “Island 8”, is one of the only two islands where visitors have permission to enter. It is the most famous island in the Similan Islands. Both snorkeling and scuba diving are available here. It is also the largest island, with the sailboat rock and the boot rock viewpoints as its iconic landmarks. Once you reach the viewpoint at the top, you are rewarded with the awe-inspiring natural splendor of this tropical island paradise.

Ko Ba-Ngu, or “Island 9”, is one of several scuba diving sites that features a majestic arrangement of submerged boulders and pinnacles, including a famous dive site called “Christmas Point”. You might encounter grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, and manta rays, the superstars on the bucket list of many divers.


Trips to Similan Islands are currently limited to only one-day tours. You can depart by boat from Phuket, Phang Nga, or Krabi, but most visitors come to Thap Lamu Pier at Phang Nga first. Most tour packages include boat rides, National Park entry fees, diving gear, lunch, refreshments, snacks, and a guide service. Depending on the waves and weather conditions, it takes 1-2 hours for each speed boat ride between the pier and the islands. The tour ends no later than 05.00 pm.

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