Mu Koh Surin National Park

Sea of Love
“Mu Ko Surin” - Thailand’s Favorite Spot for Snorkeling Over Rich Coral Reef

The four close friends from different species who are the main characters in the Sea of Love teach kids how to live together in society and how friendship can grow between those who are different, at the same time, it presents the beauty of nature beneath the sea through 2D animations, created by Thai animators.   

The sea in the southern part of Thailand is famous for its picture postcard scenes and abundant natural resources, including coral reefs and a wide diversity of sea creatures. Mu Koh Surin National Park in Phang Nga Province is another destination where tourists from around the world spend quality family time in nature together. 

Mu Ko Surin National Park is an archipelago in the Andaman Sea, comprised of  5 major islands, Ko Surin Nuea, Ko Surin Tai, Ko Kai (Ko Torinla), Ko Klang (Ko Pachumba), and Ko Ri (Ko Satok), provide excellent spots for snorkeling over the coral reefs in their shallows. The National Park is open for tourists between the 1st of November and 30th of April every year.

Surin Islands
The origin of large and biologically diverse coral reefs in the shallows

The island’s geography acts as a barrier to the wind and waves in two seasons. Here, the oceanography, temperature, sunlight, and clear waters create an ideal environment for coral reefs to grow. Rich in plankton and sea creatures of all sizes, coral reefs flourish in the shallows here and support amazing biological diversity. 

4 diving spots that you should not miss!
Ao Chong Khat (Ao Nemo)

The bay has a gradual slope with shallow water, which makes it ideal for snorkeling over the coral reefs with colorful fish such as Parrotfish and Wrasse. The National Park also has accommodations for tourists. 

Ao Mai Ngam

This large bay U-shape has a long curving beach and a cave on its rocky sides. Tourists can enjoy snorkeling in the shallows over the beautiful coral reefs. There is also a National Park camping area and public toilets for visitors.

Ao Mae Yai

This is the largest island in Ko Surin Nuea, with beautiful rich coral reefs in the shallows. It is ideal for both snorkeling and scuba diving. There are several types of coral, including Cabbage coral, branch coral, plate coral, table coral, Staghorn coral, and black coral.

Ao Suthep

The largest bay in Ko Surin Tai offers a peaceful and secluded ambiance. The 1,200 meters-long coral reef is home to both hard and soft coral, such as bush coral, staghorn coral, and rocky coral. Anemone, Coralline, and many other sea creatures abound here.  


Mu Ko Surin National Park can be reached by boat. Private companies offer speedboat and passenger boat services. Travelers can board the boat at three locations; Kuraburi pier in Kuraburi district (50 minutes by speedboat), Baan Nam Khem in Takua Pa district (1.5 hours), and Thap Lamu pier in Khao Lak district (2 hours)

Those who want to reserve accommodations at the National Park can make an online reservation at or call 0 7647 2145 and 0 7647 2146.  

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