3 Thai Chefs who created Arts from food

Somebody Feed Phil
Chef’s Table from 3 Thai Chefs who Create Art from Food

Somebody Feed Phil is a food travelogue docuseries by Netflix which never fails to serve its viewers a recipe of entertainment and knowledge. Phil Rosenthal, a renowned American TV writer and sitcom producer, invites viewers along to try all types of local food in various cities around the world, from streetside vendors and local markets to restaurants in ultra-luxurious hotels and the trending “Chef’s Table” establishments where every dish is exclusively prepared from each chef’s inspiration to create a special menu for each diner.

A simple definition of “Chef’s Table” is a dining style that is up to the chef’s own creativity with no menu to choose from. The unique aspect of this dining style is how the chef’s commentary tells the story of each dish: from inspiration to ingredient selection and the preparation process. With each dish inspired from the creativity, imagination, and personal experiences of the chef, it makes their creations far more personal and special than “ordinary” dishes. Each dish becomes a work of art that represents the chef’s distinctive identity. Let us introduce you to up-and-coming Thai chefs who are offering their own chef’s table experiences.

Tom Yam kung Spicy Thai soup with shrimp, seafood, coconut milk and chili pepper in a bowl, top view with copy space
3 Chefs Who Create Artistic Food
Chef Num - Weerawat Tariyasenawat from Samuay & Sons (Udon Thani)

Chef Num combines local Isaan ingredients with original knowledge to create Thai fusion food. Besides inventing new dining experiences for his customers, Chef Num’s creations also reflect the inspiration he takes from the jungle’s abundant pantry. It reminds people to value the increasingly rare finds in the Isaan forest as it is slowly being destroyed.

Chef Black - Phanuphon Bulsuwan from Blackitch Artisan Kitchen (Chiang Mai)

 Chef Black travels around the country searching for new ingredients that offer new tastes and inspiration to create innovative food. In terms of his style of cuisine, Chef Black says that it is “undefinable” as it is neither Western, Thai, nor Japanese but focuses instead on ingredients. As some of the ingredients have expiration dates, Chef Black introduces various ways to extend the food life and adapt its taste to suit different dishes through his food preservation skills that range from fermentation and smoking to confit and sweetening, among others.

Chef Van - Chalermpon Rohitratana (Bangkok)

Chef Van self-proclaims that his food is based purely on his desire. He cooks what he wants to eat without any concrete concept but instead with the joy of cooking. Every dish goes through a careful thought process that extends from ingredient selection to palette presentation. In this way, Chef Van is able to take standard dishes and come up with delicious new tastes that create pure entertainment every time. 

Locations and Information

Samuay & Sons is at 103/8, Si Chomchuen Road, Mak Khaeng Subdistrict, Mueang Udon Thani District, Udon Thani, 41000 Tel. 09 8891 9249 (Facebook Page Samuay & Son)  

Blackitch Artisan Kitchen is at 72/1, Nimmanhemin Road Lane 7, Suthep Subdistrict, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai, 50200 Tel. 09 2587 9979 

Chef Van will open his new restaurant Chiang Mai in 2023. You can follow his instagram for latest updates at Chef Van.

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