5 Check-in Spots in Nong Kai

The Lost Lotteries
5 Check-in Spots You Cannot Miss in Nong Khai

The Lost Lotteries (ปฏิบัติการกู้หวย) is a Thai comedy film set against a backdrop of social inequality. The film reveals the unfortunate backstory of “Toi” (played by Thanaporn “Parn” Wagprayoon), who, after being dumped by her husband, left her hometown of Nong Khai to work in Bangkok and raise their son on her own by selling lottery tickets.  

Nong Khai is another popular tourist destination in Northeastern Thailand. Thanks to its location by the Mekong River, this province is rich in natural beauty with amazing scenery. 

Nong Khai’s Highlights
Naga Statue

The Naga Statue is the landmark of Nong Khai. It features a pair of Naga statues situated next to the Mekong River, in front of Wat Lamduan Temple, in Nong Khai Town. This cultural promenade is a venue for many provincial events. The changing angles of sunlight as it sets and is gradually replaced by a spotlight in the evening accentuate the statue’s outstanding beauty.  

Wang Buadaeng

Wang Buadaeng, or Wang Bua Chompoo is a massive natural pond covering over 2,000 rais in Ban Phai Sithong in Wiang Khuk Subdistrict of Nong Khai Town. Visitors can enjoy the natural splendor of the lotuses either from the bank or on a boat sailing to the red lotus viewing point built as a houseboat over a swamp. The best viewing time is from 6.00 am until noon in December-February.  

Wat Tham Si Mongkhon
(Wat Tham Din Phiang)

Tham Din Phiang, officially known as Wat Tham Si Mongkhon, is steeped in folklore about the Naga as the locals believed that the inside of this cave is similar to the Naga’s underwater city. There is also a legend about the pilgrim trail of a Laotian monk who walked from Lao PDR to Thailand through this cave. The colorful light setting inside brings out the beauty of the cave’s curves and contours. Visitors need a tour guide for safety reasons.   

Tha Sadet Market

This is a market with many names: some call it the “Indochine Market” or “Tha Ruea (Pier) Market” due to its location by the Mekong River. Opens every day from 7 am-6.30 pm, this marketplace has everything from local products, OTOP goods, souvenirs, knick-knacks, and tools, all the way to products imported from the Indochina region.

Daeng Nam Nueng Vietnamese Restaurant

Thailand’s first Vietnamese grilled pork sausage restaurant has been open here for over half a century and was chosen to produce a 5-star OTOP product. The owners are a Vietnamese couple who adapted the taste to Thai customers until it became a famous landmark of Nong Khai. This restaurant is close to Tha Sadet Market. It can accommodate up to 500 diners. The kitchen is open from 6 am-8.30 pm, but the restaurant opens for dine-in at 9 am. For more information, please contact 0 4241 1234 and 0 4241 3999.  

Photo Credit – Vietnamese Restaurant www.tripadvisor.com


From Bangkok to Nong Khai, flying is the best option. However, Nong Khai does not have an airport, so visitors need to fly to Udon Thani. The flight is about 1 hour. From Udon Thani, buy a van ticket to Nong Khai from a counter at the airport. The ride takes about 35 minutes.

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