Chainat Bird Park

The Lost Lotteries
Spend Your Day at "Chainat Bird Park" in Chainat Province

The Lost Lotteries (ปฏิบัติการกู้หวย) is right up Prueksa Amaruji’s alley as he is best known for directing quirky Thai comedy movies. This time, he works with a great cast, including Somjit Jongjohor, an Olympic gold medalist-turned-actor who plays a boxer-turned-salesman from Chainat named “Khung.” 

Chainat is a small province not far from Bangkok with many rivers running through its almost untouched natural environment. If you want to visit, you can either take a day trip or stay overnight. For family trips, “Chainat Bird Park” is recommended!  

Chainat Bird Park, Chainat
“Chainat Bird Park”, Chainat’s famous tourist attraction

Chainat Bird Park is such an important tourist attraction that it is included in Chainat’s provincial slogan. This place has been generating a great reputation and income for the province since 1983. A place for edutainment, it exhibits various species of birds inside a site that covers 248 rais (396,800 sq. m.) of land. There is a shuttle service within the park for visitors. Highlights are as follows:

Asia’s Largest Bird Aviary

A large aviary that lets more than 100 species of birds roam freely across 26 rais (41,600 sq.m.) of land that resembles their natural habitat. Visitors can walk in to engage in bird watching and absorb the beauty of the aviary.

International Bird Center

Chainat Bird Park aims to promote bird conservation in Thailand as a way to save these birds from extinction. The center is both a conservation endeavor and an exhibition of 58 bird species that enables visitors to observe and study their behavior up close. 

Bird Egg Museum

This museum exhibits a wide collection of eggs from various endangered bird breeds. It is an all-around edutainment center where visitors can study the evolution and lifecycle of both local and international birds.

Science Center and Planetarium Chainat Bird Park

This science center features a dome-shaped planetarium where you can enjoy learning about astronomy and space: there is also a 3D movie in which you can feel like you are a part of it.

Chao Phraya River Fish Exhibition Building

Inside this building is an aquarium where visitors can observe 90 freshwater fish species from the Chao Phraya River up close. There is also a “fish feeding show” every Saturday and Sunday.


From Bangkok, takes Highway 32 to the intersection of the Asian Road at the Chainat-Takhli section, and then turn left on Highway 1 and drive for 7 km., until you see Chainat Bird Park on the right. This place is open daily from 08.30 am-05.00 pm. For more information, please contact tel. 0 5647 6624 or [email protected]

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