5 Seas of Fog Viewpoints in Chiang Rai

Thai Cave Rescue
Viewpoints to the 5 Seas of Fog in Chiang Rai, Thailand’s Northernmost Province

The rich forest and intricate mountain scenes in Thai Cave Rescue (ถ้ำหลวง: ภารกิจแห่งความหวัง), the Netflix limited series, give the audience a full glimpse of the natural beauty of Chiang Rai. In addition to being captivated by the unprecedented stories of 13 members of the Wild Boars team, the audience is also treated to stunning views of Chiang Rai’s amazing landscapes on screen.

The series, like the original event, takes place during the rainy season, treating the audience to majestic views of the lush and succulent Chiang Rai Forest. But when winter arrives, Chiang Rai becomes beautiful and charming in a whole new way, as the Sea of Fog appears to wow visitors.

sea of fogs in chiang rai
The 5 most popular sea of fog viewpoints
Phu Chi Fa

A natural attraction that is the symbol of Chiang Rai province, Phu Chi Fa (mountain that points to the sky) is one of the most iconic viewpoints of the sea of fog. On cold days, the beautiful sea of fog will spread across the mountains, making Phu Chi Fa the perfect vantage point for watching the sunrise and sea of fog. Surrounded by this natural wonder, the views are breathtaking, no matter which way you look.

Doi Pha Tang

This vantage point sits atop a high cliff on a ridgeline in the Luang Prabang Range, on the boundary between Thailand and Laos. Overlooking the Mekong River on the Laotian side and the peak of Phu Chi Fa, about 25 kilometers away, Doi Pha Tang provides a unique viewpoint from which to see the sea of fog. A café on top of the cliff is the perfect place to sit back, sip tea and enjoy the view.

Doi Lanka Luang

Located in Khun Chae National Park, Doi Lanka Luang is the 5th highest mountain in Thailand and one of the most spectacular morning viewpoints from which to see the sea of fog. Adding to the surreal nature of the natural sea of fog phenomenon, the top of the mountain is also the location of Phra That Doi Lanka, a golden pagoda that glitters and shimmers in the sunshine.

Phu Chi Dao

This sea of fog viewpoint is popular with tourists who want to experience the cold weather on the top of the mountain and especially love taking photos. Combining beautiful views of the sea of fog in the morning and the unique characteristics of Phu Chi Dao stretching off into the distance, this is one of Thailand’s most photogenic spots.

Phu Chi Duen

If you go to Phu Chi Dao, you must also visit Phu Chi Duen because they’re so close together. A relatively new tourist attraction, Phu Chi Duen opened to allow visitors to see the sea of fog for the first time in November 2016. As a high mountain range located between the Thai and Laos border, it offers wonderful panoramic 360-degree views. In winter, the sea of fog covers the entire mountain to create a majestically beautiful experience.

Location of the sea of fog viewpoints

Phu Chi Fa: Phu Chi Fa Forest Park, Tab Tao Subdistrict, Thoeng District, Chiang Rai Province. (map) 

Doi Pha Tang: Po Subdistrict, Wiang Kaen District, Chiang Rai Province. (map) 

Doi Lanka Luang: Khun Chae National Park, Mae Chedi Mai Subdistrict, Wiang Pa Pao District, Chiang Rai Province. However, due to the limitations on the number of tourists, it is necessary to inform the park staff to book a trip before entering the area. Tel. 08 4366 5213. The tourist season is open from November to February every year. (map , Facebook Page อุทยานแห่งชาติขุนแจ) 

Phu Chi Dao: Po Subdistrict, Wiang Kaen District, Chiang Rai Province. (map) 

Phu Chi Duen: Ban Rom Fah Luang Moo 12 , Po Subdistrict, Wiang Kaen District, Chiang Rai Province. (map)  

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