Watch dugongs at Koh Libong

The Stranded
Dugong Watching by Cruise in Ko Libong and Aquatic Animal Observation Tower at Leekpai Bridge

One of the charms of The Stranded (เคว้ง), Netflix’s first original series from Thailand, is that it highlights many beautiful filming locations in the country. Some of the filming locations are rarely seen, like the underwater wonders of the sea and islands in Trang province.

For nature lovers, Ko Libong is a place you must visit at least once, as the elusive dugongs gather around this island. These shy creatures are drawn to the island to eat seagrass, making it a good place for dugong watching.

nature at koh libong
Dugong, a much-loved local sea creature, and interesting places around Ko Libong

Ko Libong is the biggest island in Trang. Located in Ko Libong Subdistrict in Kantang District, it is one of many islands blessed with a wealth of natural beauty. It is a perfect spot for bird watching, while the abundance of seagrass in the shallow seas around the island makes it Thailand’s largest habitat for dugongs.

This timeless place still preserves its natural beauty mainly due to the local people in Libong and their efforts to preserve the island’s natural state. Local fishermen are careful whenever they go fishing or when taking visitors out for excursions. They are careful not to disturb the dugongs that eat the seagrass around the area. With the islanders’ efforts to save the dugongs from extinction, it is hoped that these gentle giants of the sea will remain part of the Trang Sea landscape for generations to come.

Tourists who want to see the dugongs swimming around and looking for seagrass in their natural habitat can take tour boats around the island. The tours provide opportunities to observe the island’s beautiful scenery from a different perspective as you enjoy the anticipation of seeing the dugongs. The only rule is that you cannot get closer to dugongs than 5 meters in order to prevent a disturbance to their natural way of life.

Apart from the cruises, another dugong-watching spot can be found at the Aquatic Animal Observation Tower, a.k.a. Dugong Watching Tower, located at the tip of Leekpai Bridge, which reaches out into the sea. Here you can watch the dugongs from an elevated position. This is also an excellent vantage point from which to watch the sunrise if you go early enough in the morning. For adventure enthusiasts, you can climb up to the Batu Puteh Peak, which offers an endless panoramic view.

“The Rock Bridge” is another must-visit highlight on Ko Libong. It is a natural rock formation shaped by countless sea tides until it resembles a bridge. Its curve on the side is hallowed, and you can see the sea underneath – a truly beautiful and mesmerizing sight.

There are also many interesting locations on the island, like a freshwater pool in the middle of the sea, Tung Yaka Beach, Panyang Cape, and Juhoy Cape. A visit to Ko Libong is perfect for those who want to relax amidst nature and get a closer look at local people’s way of life.


Ko Libong can be reached by a ferry from Haad Yao Port straight to the island, available from 08.00 am-05.00 pm. It takes 30 minutes to reach the island. You can also use motorcycles, sidecars, or cars to get around on the island.

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