Rattanakosin Island

Money Heist
Walk Around Rattanakosin Island, Experience History and Thainess

Money Heist is one of the most-watched non-English series on Netflix. In Season 3, the crew chose various locations in Thailand, of course, Bangkok was one of those.

Boasting a rich history that makes it one of the most exciting capital cities in the world, Bangkok is home to a wide variety of communities on Rattanakosin Island. Each community has its own unique background and stories. Come out and walk around Rattanakosin Island and you will definitely get to experience history and Thainess.

rattanakosin island
Communities on Rattanakosin Island and History Worth Learning
Wang Krom Community

This community is located around Prince Krom Phra Sommut Amornpan Palace, hence the nickname “Wang Krom” for short. Covering almost 1-rai (0.4 acres), this former royal residence used to be the home of Prince Krom Phra Sommut Amornpan (Sawasdiprawat), son of King Mongkut (Rama IV) and Consort Hun (Chao Chom Manda Hun or Thao Songkandal). The prince lived here along with his family and servants.

Today, there is only 1 main building still standing. The white 2-story brick mansion used to be a home for M.C. Mongkolprawat Sawatdikul (Prince Tu), the only known son of Prince Krom Phra Sommut Amornpan (Sawasdiprawat). Rows of houses originally for the servants back in the days are now home to a thriving community. Locals moved in decades ago and formed a small community that sews yellow fabric to sell at Buddhist alms shops around Bamrung Muang Road. This profession has been passed on for generations within this community.

Photo Credit – Wang Krom  Community http://www.reurnthai.com/index.php?topic=5716.0

Klongthom Center

From electrical items, CDs, and gadgets to old stuff you remember from your childhood, this area is a mecca for vintage and used goods. The original night market in Bangkok is known locally as “Dark Market Klongthom” or “Flashlight Market” as there weren’t any streetlights in the area when it first started operating. Merchants had to light a candle before sticking it inside a glass and placing it on the newspaper they used to put their products on. Even so, the lights were still so dim that customers had to bring their own flashlights. From a nostalgic point of view, this unique atmosphere is no more, with most vendors having moved to shops inside the Klongthom Center building. However, the market’s character lives on.

Phraeng Phuthon

One of the communities located around a three-way junction, Phraeng Phuthon used to be a royal palace before it was turned into a Western-style commercial building on 4 sides of the block. It had been a trading center since the old days, and was even considered a food court for Phra Nakhon at one point until the heyday of clubs and bars on Ratchadamnoen Road about 60-70 years ago. To this day, Phraeng Phuthon is still where people come for food with an authentic, original taste, like pig brain meatballs, Thai coconut milk ice cream, BBQ pork rice, and many other classics. Almost every vendor uses old recipes that have been passed down in their family.


Wang Krom Community is near Soi Samran Rat, close to Nai Uan’s Rice Congee with Duck. If entering from Bamrung Muang Road, you can walk right to the palace, located next to Rattanatrai Shop.

Klongthom Market is in Bangkok’s Pom Prap Subdistrict in Pom Prap Sattru Phai District. Take the MRT Blue Line to Wat Mangkon or Sam Yot station or take a bus No. 21, 49, or 85.

To get to Phraeng Phuthon, take the MRT Blue Line to Sam Yot station, use Exit 3, and then catch a cab or tuk-tuk. Walking from Sam Yot station takes about 15 minutes.

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