Thai Fusion Food in Bangkok

Thai Fusion Food: An Extraordinary Thainess

Thai food is known for its clever mix of flavors. The combination of sour, sweet, oily, salty, and spicy tastes impresses food lovers from around the world, making Thailand a popular culinary destination for foodies worldwide. This love of Thai food is one of the reasons why the docuseries Twogether by Netflix is determined to tell stories of Thai chefs from authentic Thai kitchens.

Thai cuisine has been developed and adapted over hundreds of years. Even today, many food lovers enjoy interesting new interpretations of the same old Thai recipes created by new generations of Thai chefs. Thai Fusion Food is one way of giving classic Thai dishes a contemporary makeover, both for their looks and their tastes, resulting in new variations that look and taste great.

Thai fusion food easily found in Bangkok

Dr. Yuthasak Supasorn, the National Food Institute Director, explains that fusion food might be a gastronomic combination, not exactly a new development, but more like an adaptation to create a new dish fused through the imagination or creation of each chef.

“Kid Magazine” (Creative Thailand) defines fusion food as “hybrid foods,” a crossover between ingredients or processes from one or more culinary traditions with another to create a new menu. It can be called a hybrid food drawn from various culinary backgrounds.

It is widely acclaimed that Thai chefs create fusion food on par with high international standards. Many might think that Thai fusion food can only be found in high-end restaurants, whereas actually, it is easy to find, even from street vendors. For example, drunken spaghetti (Pad Kee Mao) is an excellent combination of Thai, Chinese, and Western cuisine. Tom Yum Goong pizza, Jaew sauce steak, and hot and spicy chicken wings are other great examples. For anyone who wants to try Thai fusion food, finding it is never hard. 

Greyhound Café 
(Stylish Thai-European Fusion Restaurant)

If you want to enjoy food innovations in an upscale environment, try a fusion Thai food restaurant that is popular with food lovers, like Greyhound Café. This chic dining place offers Thai fusion food with a “basic with a twist” concept. Among the wide selection of Thai fusion dishes on offer, the customers’ favorites of Caesar Salad with Country Style Dressing and Salmon Sashimi in Spicy Hot Sauce are highly recommended.

If you want to try Thai food with a twist that explores new tastes and designs, Thailand is a destination that will not disappoint you.


You can find Thai fusion food nearly everywhere in Bangkok. From tourist areas like Sukhumvit and Thong Lo to shopping malls or streetside vendors. Bangkok is truly heaven for foodies of all ages.

If you want to try the food from Greyhound Café , it has almost 20 branches all over Bangkok. Check out Greyhound Café  for updates and Information. 

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