Thai Fast Food on Khao San Road

Somebody Feed Phil
Thai Street Food at Bangkok’s Khaosan Tourist Favorite

Somebody Feed Phil, a docuseries by the renowned producer Phil Rosenthal that takes viewers to taste great food in cities all over the world, kicks off its premiere episode by touching down on Bangkok, the food destination for travelers from around the world. And when coming to Bangkok, he must try various kinds of delicious street food on Khaosan Road.

Located around Bang Lamphu and Ratchadamnoen Avenue, Khaosan Road started as a budget-stay area for foreign visitors. Today, this short street has become a meeting point for travelers from all over the world. Khaosan Road turns into a lively street with stores, souvenir shops, massage parlors, and streetside restaurants on both sides, which are vibrant days and nights.

Thai street food bonanza impresses foreigners

Khaosan Road has Thai-style street food all the way up the street. Besides authentic Thai taste, many adapt their recipe to serve visitors and give the best dining experience for foreigners. That’s why this place has become one of the street food havens with a wide variety. Many menus are so popular that they make a long line of queue-up customers.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is one of the first street food people think of when they come to Thailand. On Khaosan Road, vendors make them cooked to order. Customers can choose the type of noodles, meat, and seasoning up to their palette. Pad Thai with eggs, pork, or shrimp; this place has it all.

Omelet Rice

This simple menu is favored by both locals and foreigners. Just crack eggs into a bowl, season them as you wish, stir them until fluffy, fry them in boiling cooking oil, put them on steamed rice, add up sauces of your choice, and voila! To create the omelet you want, you can also choose many top-ups, from sliced spring onion, onion, cubed carrot, minced pork, and many more.


Roti on Khaosan Road has many variations for you. From crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside, to the mountain of condensed milk on top. Or choose a top-up of your choice: bananas, chocolate, and many more. It might look like an easy menu, but highly favorable among many foreign tourists.

Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Coconut milk ice cream from baby coconut is sweet and tasty with a delicious sense. Ice cream served in a coconut allows you to enjoy its meat. This menu is trendy among foreign visitors.

Thai-Style BBQ

Thai barbeque is unique, seasoned with ketchup or chili sauces. You can also choose its ingredients from pork, chicken, beef, and mushroom that are skewed together with chili, tomato, pineapple, etc. Hotly grilled ones smell delicious.

Fried Insects

Fried insects are considered the highlight of Khaosan Road for their exoticness, making everyone stop and give it a go. Choices vary from fried grasshoppers to bamboo worms, crickets, and many more. Deep-fried and seasoned, they are so tasty and smell just as nice.

Isaan Sausage

Isaan sausage tastes different from Western sausages. It is a local delicacy created to preserve food and give a savory taste from a nicely mixed combination. It is a snack eaten with fresh vegetable side dishes, another special menu for visitors.


Khaosan Road is easy to commute to by public bus. Take a bus No. 79, 12, or 127 to Bang Lamphu stop or ride an MRT subway to Sam Yot or Sanam Chai MRT station, then take a motorcycle taxi to Khaosan Road.

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