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The Stranded
Cruising to Visit Khao Jom Pa and the Tombolo of Ban Nam Rap, the Most Unseen in Trang

The Stranded (เคว้ง) is an original Thai series on Netflix that brings together mystical beliefs and Thai legends that blend well with the island survival stories of privileged young teenagers from a private school. However, another aspect of the series that is admired by many viewers is the beautiful locations of provinces in Thailand, one of which is Trang Province.

Trang is a province in Southern Thailand, located about 830 kilometers from Bangkok. If traveling by plane, you can fly directly from Bangkok in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Trang is a province known for its tranquility and beautiful nature. In addition to the sea and beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and a smattering of small and big islands, Trang is home to extremely fertile mangroves.

khao jom pa
Take a 360-degree mangrove cruise and visit the tombolo that few people know

Trang offers some unseen tourist attractions and activities that are sure to surprise and enthrall many visitors. One must-not-miss activity is a trip to Khao Jom Pa, a 360-degree viewpoint overlooking the rich and expansive mangroves, with the island-studded sea as a backdrop.

Upon reaching the viewpoint, you’ll find a spectacular 360-degree view of the fertile mangrove forest stretching off into the vast blue sea. The view is simply stunning and well worth the climb.

Upon reaching the viewpoint, you’ll find a stunning 360-degree view of the fertile mangrove forest stretching into the vast blue sea. Wherever you take your photos, it’s stunning and worth the trip. 

In addition to the beautiful view at Khao Jom Pa, you can also visit another unseen location. The tombolo of Ban Nam Rap is one of the community’s lesser-known tourist destinations. The best time to see the tombolo is when the tide is low on full moon days because the long white sandbar at the estuary is exposed, making it a magical place to walk and take photos. There is also the chance to see starfish along the beach. It is one of the most beautiful and romantic sunset spots in Thailand.


To take a boat trip to Khao Jom Pa and the tombolo of Ban Nam Rap, you can take a bus to Kantang District and charter a car to Ban Nam Rap, and then take a boat tour from Ban Nam Rap village. A long-tail boat costs about 1,500 baht for 10 people, or you can charter a large raft (about 15-40 people). For more information on the Ban Nam Rap boat tour, please contact Bang Dia Tel. 0 8462 97971 and TAT Trang Office Tel. 0 7521 5867.

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