Doi Chang Coffee

Thai Cave Rescue
Sip Arabica Coffee on Doi Chang With a 360-Degree View That Includes a Beautiful Sky Road

Thai Cave Rescue (ถ้ำหลวง: ภารกิจแห่งความหวัง), a Netflix limited series, reveals aspects of the captivating event that were previously not known by the watching public. Known only by the 13 members of the Wild Boars team, these fascinating insights reveal the undiscovered stories of the event for the first time. Another highlight of the series is how it introduces the world to the rustic charm of rural Chiang Rai.

Chiang Rai, Thailand’s northernmost province, has many interesting “secrets” just waiting for people to discover. “Doi Chaang Coffee” is another highlight for visitors to Chiang Rai.

doi chang coffee
The origin of Doi Chaang’s Arabica coffee and a beautiful sky road

“Doi Chaang” takes its name from Doi Chaang Village. It is located in the Doi Wawee Mountains, about 1,400 meters above sea level, giving it a cool climate all year round and making it suitable for growing Arabica coffee beans.

The practice of cultivating coffee in Doi Chaang originated from the idea of the late King Rama IX, who wanted the hill tribe people in the highlands to grow cold-weather crops. Therefore, Arabica coffee plants were distributed for trial cultivation in 1983, with Village Headman Mr. Pigor SaeDu (Pigor Pisailerd) being the only farmer who had consistently grown coffee before then.

The “Doi Chaang Brand” originated from Mr. Pigor and his close friend, Mr. Vicha Prohmyong, who processed fresh coffee beans into roasted coffee beans for sale. Then Doi Chaang Fresh Roasted Coffee Co., Ltd. was founded to produce and distribute coffee under the “Doi Chaang Coffee” brand. Later, they changed the company’s name to Doi Chaang Coffee Original Co., Ltd.  The “Doi Chaang” brand received geographical indication (GI) certification from the European Union (EU) and Thailand.

Doi Chaang coffee is sold in many countries and has its own branch stores in Japan, South Korea, Myanmar, Singapore, and Malaysia. Many coffee lovers comment that its soft aromatic flavor mixes with a sour taste to create a great balance that leaves a moist feeling in the throat. If you visit Doi Chaang, you should take advantage of the chance to sip fresh local coffee on the top of a mountain while taking in the beautiful 360-degree views.

Doi Chaang is also one of Chiang Rai’s most famous tourist attractions because it is the setting of a beautiful sky road, especially the beginning of the road, which stretches along the ridge. If you come in between the tail end of the rainy season and the onset of the winter and want to see the sea of fog, we recommend you to go to the viewpoint at KM 5+475 on Chiang Rai Rural Road 5047, as this is the closest point to the sea of fog. In winter, watching the sunrise from the top of Pha Hua Chang is highly recommended because it’s so beautiful that it could just take your breath away.


For those who are not good at driving uphill, it is best to use the Mae Suai route on Chiang Rai Rural Road 5047 because this road is quite wide. While it is quite a long drive of about 28 kilometers from Mueang Chiang Rai District to Doi Chang, this route is well worth the effort as it meanders along slopes and mountain passes on its way through several scenic spots. Another option is the Ban Huai Shan route, which is only 15 kilometers long but steeper and narrower.

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